Simmering summer day in Scotland

In Iona you can see glimpses of the Stone Age, visit the Abbey or just take a walk. The latter is what we did, just stroll around this beautiful place and take a thousand pictures. Thinking of loved ones in Belgium, we were inspired to write a postcard. When Mike wanted to buy one stamp without having the right currency, an older lady sitting in the post office decided to donate the stamp because she thought he was cute. Smile.

We did a nature walk, passing friendly sheep, cows staring dreamily at the big ship in the distance and other hikers. Remarkably everybody greeted us on the walk, which reminded me of my backpacker days. That rarely occurs in cities…does nature inspire people to be friendlier?

Mike bought a beautiful Scottish sweater and I wanted to buy everything in the artisanal shop but thinking of the weight of my suitcase cleverly decided to buy nothing.

High profile visitors like the President of Ireland on that day also in Iona, not to honour us though but for the 1,450th anniversary of the death of St. Columba, the Irish prince and priest.

The island of Iona counts one camping place, numerous bed and breakfasts and even a hostel. Nevertheless it does not feel crowded. Enough culture, beaches and nature for everybody to enjoy. 

After this too short of a visit we embarked for Tobermory further north. Nice and colourful but touristy.

It was a hot hot day, so we looked for the shade and did a hike on the path on the cliffs alongside the bay. How busy the main street was, the walking path was incredibly peaceful. We ended our visit with a pint (double the volume we are used too). Crew and passengers loaded with bottles of Tobermory whiskey headed back to the ship in time for dinner.

The best had yet to come. As the sun dived slowly in the ocean the water turned all shades of pink. Can you imagine a better way to end an already perfect day?


Iceland here we come

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