Today we visit Bantaey Srei, constructed in the 2nd half of the 10th century under the reign of Rajendravarman II. This temple is situated about 20 km from Angkor. 

Starting the day with a Touch of Pink

Indra (Hindu god of rains and thunderstorm) rides a three headed airavata (mythological white elephant)

The entrance being blocked because the tourists are admiring and photographing the gopuras

The name of the temple means ‘Citadel of the Women’. This is a higly decorated temple and because of the relatively low buildings you can see the carvings at eye level. Pink sandstone gives the buildings that particular colour. 

Guardians with human bodies and here with lion heads

After this visit our guide is leaving us. Manyl, our exceptional guide told us more about Cambodia and his life. As many Cambodians he lost his father and three brothers during the Khmer Rouge genocide. One thing they could not take away from him is the love for his country. He was the 3rd French speaking guide in Cambodia.  Thank you Manyl for your professionalism, enthusiasm and all the information you provided.

After lunch and accompanied by cruise director Hélène the bus drives us to the Tonlé Sap river where we board a boat that brings us to RV INDOCHINE. No time to be bored on the small trip, children give neck massages, a bit hard but well we play along, other boats come to meet us with children selling drinks, a girl carrying a snake tries to make her way on board but luckily she does not succeed. I want to carry many things around my neck but nope no snakes, thank you very much.

We pass stilt houses, a school, an alligator farm. Daily life as it is in on the Tonlé Sap River.

Then we finally arrive to our home for the next week. RV INDOCHINE and the crew welcome us on board. I’m always eager to discover our cabin. Not disappointed, wooden furniture, a good-sized bed, even a desk and a built-in wardrobe. Nope not the fancy state-of-the-art technology I have discovered on other ships. But I’m thankful for that. It would just not feel right, we are in Cambodia, we need a ship that blends in beautifully. Love the sun deck, there are actually many outside seating areas. This is a ship to experience the river. 

Step out of your cabin and you experience this. Love it.

Pet of the week

Coffee, tea and bananas at disposal

Most spectacular cloud formations

So happy to be sailing again

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique

Note: if you want to learn more about the Angkor temples, a comprehensive guide is “Ancient Angkor” by Michael Freeman & Claude Jacques