I have to admit this is not the way I used to travel but as I am sitting here in our cosy cabin I’m just thinking how grateful I am for this way of travelling. We are on board the cruise ferry KING SEAWAYS, and are on our way to Glasgow where we shall visit our friend Bruce Peter. Our ship’s estimated time of arrival is 10am.

This morning we loaded our own comfortable car with our luggage, snacks and drinks. You can take whatever fits in your car, enjoy the music you want and just create your own private lounge. Oh and Mike is a good driver too off course.

I love the changing landscapes driving through different countries. I love Holland with its funny city names and their sense of hospitality. We stopped for coffee at a roadside restaurant and were welcomed with a big smile in a cosy, warm interior.

We arrived a bit too early and only had to wait briefly before embarkation. Everything went very smooth and easy. We are lucky enough to be staying in a suite with access to the Commodore Lounge. Rarely have we had such a big comfortable cabin. Dark tones and wooden accents. A touch of old fashioned but I can appreciate that. Everything is very straightforward. A cabin steward was awaiting us in the private Commodore Area with WiFi codes and all information concerning our stay we needed.

We heard the ecstatic screams of fellow passengers when they discovered their cabin too. People are happy and comfortable on board of this ship. The way it should be.

It is always a magical moment when the ship is about to sail. Yes this is even so when I’m standing in IJmuiden in the rain (there was even some hail). I have a thing for ports and the industry around it. And I can never take enough pictures of cranes, lighthouses and skies. All are very present in this specific port.

Even under these weather circumstances there was a small crowd standing and enjoying the moment outside. The mooring ropes are winched in and off we are.

There are a number of restaurants and bars on this ship. We love Scandinavian food so we went for the Seven Seas Buffet that offers a large variety of cold and warm dishes.

The ship is dancing on the waves as nature is playing with the ship. For the moment I am still enjoying it already looking forward to be rocked to sleep later on.