We enjoyed diner in the Tarragon, EUROPA 2’s French restaurant, after a great afternoon on the island of Sark. Our next destination was Saint-Malo, only a couple of hours away. At dusk, together with dessert (a chocolate moelleux with caramelized pineapple and vanilla ice cream) came the pilot.

The Nelson-type “Pilote SM” launch passed full speed under our restaurant window. I love to watch this come and go of pilots.

We arrived on the Saint-Malo berth just before darkness; ideal for some blue hour photography. Ideal too to test my Nikon D800 set on highest ISO values and with the vibration reduction on.

Saint-Malo clearly had another cruise ship visiting, most probably the OCEAN MAJESTY. She was berthed in the dock. Our EUROPA 2 was a bit too large for the locks, and had to be maneuvered between two big mooring buoys. 

Nice to watch the skilful berthing operation

Twenty hours later we were ready for the departure, after having briefly visited Saint-Malo. We were also in Saint-Malo last year.

The weather had been grey the whole day. Some subtle and shy sunrays tried to transpierce the clouds during the cast off. 

We briefly strolled around in Saint-Malo

Time to go again

Dinard, the town opposite Saint-Malo

And there we have our pilot launch again, ready to pick up the pilot

The pilot sends an “au revoir” to Captain Ulf Wolter

Our cruise on EUROPA 2 is about to come to the end. Next port of call is Honfleur, before we arrive home in Antwerpen.