Our second Liebster Award

Thank you Nilufer for the Liebster Award. Our second one! It sure is nice to be appreciated from fellow travel bloggers. Nilufer is an engineer but besides that she finds the time to share her holiday experiences with the world on her colourful blog Mapkini.

Although the rules vary a lot on the different blogs. Here are the rules stated on Nilufer’s blog.

Liebster Award Rules

  • Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award

  • Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you

  • Give eleven random facts about yourself

  • Nominate eleven blogs that you think deserve the award (with less followers). Here we decided to nominate blogs with less than 1000 followers.

  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them

  • Give them eleven questions to answer

Nirufen’s questions for us:

1. How do you manage to keep travelling? Is there any special work that allows you to fund your trips? 

V. Mike’s work and occasionally my work allows us to travel quite frequently and I’m thankful for that. On the other side travelling does not need to be that expensive and we don’t spend that much money when we’re at home, we don’t have luxurious needs.

M. As freelance writer and photographer specialized in passenger ships I am being given opportunities to travel where there are oceans and rivers.

On vintage ship Funchal

2. What is your dream RTW itinerary?

V. In 2010 I travelled for 9 months. I bought a one way ticket to Hong Kong and figured out my route along the way. There are still a lot of destinations I would like to visit but I love to live the moment and follow the road my heart tells me to go next when travelling for a long time. This said here are some countries on by bucket list : Japan – Mongolia – Greenland – Antartica – Madagascar – Uganda – Chile – Bolivia – Nicaragua – Canada – Alaska

M. By ship from Belgium to Greenland, the North West passage, the Bering Strait, the Pacific, Asia, Indian Ocean, Med, Atlantic Coast, Belgium

3. What is your next destination?

V . Switzerland

M. Sweden

4. Why blogging? Is it just a hobby or you wanna be editor or writer of any magazine or just for photo sharing or meeting with new travelers…so on ? 

V. On my 9month trip I started a blog mostly to share my travels with friends and family at home. It was a private blog that I only shared with close friends. Later I experienced that I learned a lot from other blogs about destinations and places to stay and travelling in general. Now I totally feel at ease at sharing our travel experiences with a broad audience. Like our blog states we want to share our experiences.

M. It’s all about sharing

5. What is your unforgettable travel memory that you will ever want to tell about to your grandchildren?

V.  There are so many of those… The time in Ubud where I got invited with a Balinese family and shared tofu with them… My time in Burning Man…Sharing freshly caught fish with new friends in Argentinan Patagonia… Couchsurfing on the Perhentian Islands in a small hut on the hill…Meeting a Colombian shaman…

M. My 21-day expedition cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands.

In Ubud Bali

South Georgia

6. Where did you eat the best food ever in your trips? 

V. In general in Asia…either in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia…surprising fresh healthy food made with love…

M. Asia

Food in Cambodia

7. Who is your best travel friend for any trip?

V. Off course Mike. 

M. Véronique!

8. What is your 1st criteria for selecting a hotel in a new country?

V. I like authentic hotels. Hotels with a hearth. For city travel there are some chains I like such as Citizen M, 24H hotels but I do love hostels too when I travel by myself. I love to consult blogs and travel experience sites to read about the experience people had. But already from the website a hotel has you already can have a good impression of what to expect.

M. It has to look creative and authentic.

Hotel New York in Rotterdam

Our room in CitizenM in Glasgow

9. Do you usually rent a car or use the public transport in your trips?

V. Depends on the itinerary. When I travel by myself mostly public transport. With Mike also and occasionally we rent a car or travel with his car. 

M. It depends. I like to drive myself.

10. What was the most bizarre transport vehicle you used?

V. In Cambodia with my Australian friend Nathalie together we did an excursion with a young guy seated both on the backseat of his motorcycle.

M. A pilot boat

11. Which place made you feel really special than ever before?

V. All alone in my tent on different occasions on my trip in Argentina. It is all about you and the nature around you. Magic.

M. Alone on Norway’s Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

In Puerto Pirámides – Argentina


11 random facts about M & V

1. V. My favourite country is Argentina

2. M. Every time I embark on a ship I feel the good vibes.

3. V. This will not come as a surprise, my favourite colour is Pink

4. M. I can really enjoy to work on my pictures when back home. It’s like travelling a second time.

5. V. I like to travel light but when we travel to colder places I love to take a small blanket with me (something soft from home)

6. M. My favourite camera is my Phase One, but it is too heavy for most assignments (cabin luggage limitations!).

7. V. One day I would love to learn to sail (and I will!)

8. M. What I like on passengers ships is not being a passenger neither a crew member, but being the writer/photographer in between.

9. V. When at home I love to cook (vegetarian)

10. M. Taking notes when travelling is like taking pictures. It’s like capturing moments, feelings, emotions, details with words. Afterwards these words will make any article o caption much richer.

11. V. I love sleeping in tents

A Touch of Pink on our recent journey in Cambodia

Our Nominees:

Green with Renvy greenwithrenvy.com: blog on eco-friendly travel & lifestyle

The Escapismartist : www.theescapismartist.com: a travel & photography blog

An Ocean Away: anoceanaway.net: a blog on travel, cheap eats, crafts markets & more

Mel loves Travel: mellovestravels.com: Belgian travel blog (in French)

We Travel and Blogwetravelandblog.com: a travel blog with a lot of humour by Gabriel & Jade

Sebastiaan Peeters Photography: sebastiaanpeetersphotography.weebly.com

A photography blog by young Sebastiaan Peeters from Antwerp

Life in a suitcase: lifeinasuitcase.com: a Romanian-American woman living in Belgium blogging about her travels

From the Deckchair : fromthedeckchair.com: very professional information for cruisers by well-traveled Canadian Aaron Saunders

LMC Ship and the Sea blog: Lmcshipandtheseablogspot.com by Portuguese author Luis Miguel Correia, also expert in maritime history

Tjoolaard: Tjoolaard.be (Flemish) – one of the best Belgian blogs, written by Niel Van Herck from Ghent

Dreamers can never be tamed: dreamerscanneverbetamed.com by young Flemish Anna-Belle Buysse, who had a travel series on TV.

Questions for the nominees:

  1. What is your favourite hotel/hostel in the world and why?

  2. What is for you the best place to write; @home, in a coffee bar, hostel/hotel, on a train, on a plane….

  3. What is for you the most difficult thing about blogging?

  4. Have you met other bloggers from your country?

  5. Do you go to travel blog meetings?

  6. What is the most important thing you keep in mind when you blog?

  7. What is the first thing you put in your luggage when you are packing for your next trip?

  8. Are there countries you would rather not go to?

  9. Do you use travel guides to do some research for your next trip or do you mostly look for information on the internet?

  10. Tell us one major thing you learned since you started your blog.
  11. What advice would you give to people who would love to start a blog?
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