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Ghent Light Festival 2015

by Mike

2 February 2015 • The third edition of the Light Festival has been an amazing success. Ghent is our hometown and we live just around the corner of one of the main arteries of the festival. Ideal to see the event without hassle, and bring home some nice pics.

All four evenings were pretty well attended with Saturday evening hitting a staggering amount of 260,000 visitors. In total 640,000 people were accounted for over the four evenings.

During the festival people could see all kinds of light sculptures, spectacular projects and installations by contemporary national and international artists. The whole route was 5km long. Unlike previous editions the typical “postcard” heart of Ghent was not a part of the route. Still, many parts of the historic centre, the university area and the inner port were included.

For many visitors it was not only about the artwork, it was also the perfect hike to discover Ghent.

 The next edition will be in 2018.

Dirty Monitor, Urban Keys: an impressive video and music show on the Sint-PieterspleinFrom the Sint-Pietersplein the next light installation is already visibleEven the moon was helpfulI-Illusions - Re-Construct/ Den djoef. If you are powerful enough one single blow of the hammer will lit the whole university building "Boekentoren"Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett - Cloud. Interactive light sculpture with 6000 bulbsTHEM Sculptures - Our House Ghent. A web of light-emitting ropes covers the MageleinstraatKlaus Obermaier - Dancing House. South Korean Consulate (Sint-Jacobs) It's not an art installation, just a classic Belgian "oliebollenkraam"Nonotak - Daydream V2Nonotak - Daydream V2Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Slugocki - Horizontal InterferenceBram Lemaire - °RAINRAINRAIN° Sint-Jorisbrug Top'La Design / Cathérine Garret - Mysticète. A huge whale makes its appearance on a wall of water mistThéoriz - BK - Horta, on the episcopal palaceOcubo - The Sound of Light. This production transports you into the enchanting world of music through the eyes of childrenRalf Westerhof - Drawn in light. Muinkkaai

Text & Photos: Mike

Official website: Lichtfestival