A Hotel called New York in Rotterdam

Before boarding NORWEGIAN GETAWAY for the inaugural in Rotterdam we decided to stay one night in Hotel New York. We both had been there before and the place already had a special place in our heart. When at check-in we received an upgrade to a room with port view, we could not have been happier.

Hotel New York is situated in the old head office of Holland America Line (originally called Holland-Amerika Lijn). From this building many Europeans left for North America hoping to escape poverty in Europe and to start a new life overseas. In 1977 HAL’s head office moved to Seattle and the building was put up for sale. Some investors thought the place would be perfect for a hotel and a restaurant. This led to the start of Hotel New York in 1993.

The whole hotel breathes a maritime atmosphere. This is one of the hotel rooms where we opened the door and loved immediately what we saw.

I had to sit at the entrance for some time while Mike, inspired by the décor, was taking pictures. It also felt great that we were going to sleep in one of the old offices of Holland America Line.

In the room you receive a lovely booklet with the history of the building to take home. The hotel offers an authentic experience. One example is the key you receive with an old fashioned keychain instead of a modern keycard.

Rotterdam’s landmark by excellence: the Erasmus Bridge

The hotel is located on the Wilhelminakade where mostly high-rises have been built. It is also located near one of my favourite bridges; the Erasmus bridge. Crossing this Rotterdam landmark is always special. 

These days it is also the place where occasionally cruise ships dock. After a good night’s sleep Mike woke up early to take pictures of the arriving NORWEGIAN GETAWAY, while I had the luxury to see the ship from our the window of our comfortable hotel room. 

Breakfast offered everything we wanted before heading to the ship for the inaugural. We will have to come back for Afternoon Tea one day, or to have dinner, or just return to enjoy this wonderful hotel and maybe stay in one of the rooms in the towers. 

When returning back to Rotterdam we were happy to see the two cute turrets with the copper roofs again.

In the booklet I read and I agree: “The longing that has dominated this spot will remain. The longing to leave, and the longing to return.” 


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