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Things we love about Greece: 1. the PEOPLE

by Véronique and Mike

19 May 2015 • We already experienced some of the warmth of Greek hospitality when we saw our friends in Kefalonia. If you ever shared a meal with a Greek friend you know what I’m talking about. When we had dinner with George in Piraeus he ordered at least ten local specialties and always made sure that there was enough on our plate. Then, when the check arrived, he insisted to pay. We just hope that they will visit us soon in Belgium, so we can invite them back and thank them properly for their hospitality.

George & Ourania in Kefalonia Ordering food the Greek way

Although we booked our stays quite late through Booking.com we still promptly received mails from each hotel, asking if we needed a transfer or other help before or during our stay. In each place we received a warm welcome and abundant information. In Ios, Annerie from the wonderful Seabreeze Hotel was waiting for us when we arrived by ferry. Immediately she took us on a short ride to show us where to eat, which walking paths to take and which places to see. At the hotel her husband Chris was waiting for us, giving more information and guiding us around the property. They did most of the building themselves and added nice touches such as art they made from recuperation material. During our short stay Chris and Annerie were always around if we needed help our just wanted to have a chat. We enjoyed our talks. Staying at their place more felt like staying with friends then staying in a hotel.

Annerie waiting for us @ the portThe infinity pool @ Seabreeze hotelBeautiful peaceful Ios

In Santorini, Vicky from Top Oia Accommodations, came to meet us where the taxi dropped us of. I immediately liked her style, straightforward and professional. When she showed us the balcony of our studio, she saw our faces and knew that we were happy. A nice touch that there was a complementary bottle of Santorini Wine waiting for us.

Mike enjoying breakfast @ Top Oia

Every morning she came at the requested time with breakfast. She set up the table for us on our balcony with a view on the Aegean Sea. There was a small kitchenette in the room so we could make coffee or tea at whatever moment we wanted. It felt a tiny bit as living in that beautiful place.

Picture perfect Oia

In Paros the friendly owner of Archipelago Apartments, Nikos, came to pick us up at the jetty. While driving to our place to stay, he explained that they were located quite far from the town center and suggested to give us a lift to one of his favorite restaurants. We didn’t need to worry how to get back as he was coming to pick us up whenever we wanted after dinner. Talking about service! The next day we needed to be in the local airport and also for this he offered us a ride. When Mike asked him how much we owed him for all this extra driving he said it was included! After he dropped us off he shook hands as his best friends were leaving. I was so touched by so much generosity.

Our puppy friend @ Archipelago studios

In every single restaurant the service was warm and friendly. Even in touristic Santorini, people were nice and welcoming even to rude tourists.

In Ios we loved sitting in Sousana’s restaurant at the harbour, she talked about her family and served us her delicious food while we watched the local kids playing on the square. 

I remember when we were in Kefalonia one evening we were short of cash and there was no possibility to pay with credit card. The restaurant owner smiled and said "no problem you just come back tomorrow to pay". 

A friendly waiter in Fiscardo (Kefalonia)

Even in hard times, Greeks continue to enjoy life and are proud to show their country with visitors. After all the sky is still that beautiful blue, the water clear, the food delicious and the weather beautiful. 

IosWelcome on the ferry

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique

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