Things we love about Greece: 3. AUTHENTICITY

When I travel I look for pureness, for authenticity. In Greece I find that authenticity I value so much. 

No neon signs. Just pure, simple and beautiful Chalki

Greeks are proud of their culture and their country. They are happy to show it to visitors and most of them wouldn’t dream of changing their home country. I found the Greeks that I encountered direct, hospitable and friendly. No bla bla but they just hand out straight to the point information. They are welcoming and helpful.  

What is authenticity? That is not an easy one. You feel it when you see it. We travel a lot but so many countries and places are trying to be something they are not or are following the rules of commercialism. Greece is just Greece. With its beautiful food, people, culture and architecture. 




Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike

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