The beauty in ugly

In the previous blogpost I explained that our ship, the VOYAGER, was berthed on the River Neva, near the city centre of St Petersburg. Not only does this river berth have an obvious advantage when you want to discover the city by foot. As a result of the location, the ship also has to leave the port via the Sea Channel, on the northern side of the docks. And this made my day.

A big Costa ship sails away via the exterior channel

Why are we lucky and why are the passengers of big ships not? The new terminal, where the megaships go, is located outside the active harbour. Which means they have to access the sea via another route, away from the famous Sea Channel in the port.  

As we were leaving our berth most people were either dancing at the farewell pool party or inside, to prepare for dinner. 

Together with Jo, I was standing outside. Jo is a video producer and together we enjoyed the scene. One derelict building truly looked as a perfect decor for a police thriller.

We enjoyed the parade of ships of all kinds, the colourful containers, the diesel locs with the endlessly long wagons, the steel pipes and the big bags, the iron ore and the scrap metal. 

This was my Hermitage. I enjoyed the brutalist aesthetics of this industrial area. I was glad that Jo was on the same wavelength, visibly enjoying the view.

Text & photos: Mike

The arrival of the pilot boat means the end of the port parade

We travelled on board VOYAGER with Belgian cruise tour operator All Ways, discovering the Baltic Sea and St-Petersburg. Mike often joins the excursion, while I mainly go explore myself. In the evening we gather our stories and share on the blog the things we loved most.

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