Swimming with Nemo

We recently returned from cruising a week in the Caribbean. This brought me back in time to a wonderful week I spent in Fiji on Nacula Island in 2010 when I was backpacking through the world. I wanted one week of beach in between my road trips in two western civilisations (Australia and the US). I found this little gem where you can enjoy beach time in a beautiful resort on a budget and enjoy wonderful food together with the other hotel guests. I met great people from all over the world that week, did a beautiful hike over the green green hills, enjoyed the rich Fijian food, snorkelled and swam with Nemo, right from the beach and in overall had an excellent time.


You can book a bed in the airconditionned award winning dorm for 30 NZD/night. The meal plan is 65 NZD/day and you will not want to miss the great food Fiji has to offer.

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