Stones, rocks, sea and sand

Second town in France we visited during our cruise with Azamara Quest was Saint-Malo. This medieval harbour city is famous for its citadel. Tourists and locals were enjoying the sun on the ramparts surrounding the Old City and on the beaches. So did we. Glad we were able to enjoy this city under excellent conditions, not too crowded as it gets during summer months and under the sun.

Lunch in Saint-Malo was in the pleasant restaurant La Boîte à Fromages, moules marinières, apple cider and crêpes for a mild price. Surprisingly for such a touristy town people are very friendly and chatty. Nice.

No worries if you forgot to pack warm clothes to face the cold Brittany winds, many shops will be happy to provide you with marine sweaters, fleece jackets and other warm stuff.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you will walk a lot and there are a lot of cobbled streets which is cute but the feet don’t always appreciate what the eyes do.

Warm welcome in Saint Malo and excellent presentation

Lunch time in La Boîte à Fromages with moules marinières, cider and crêpes

Trying not to get wet walking to Petit Bé

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