Photographer’s delight

When we arrived at the hotel Genovese in Bonifacio it immediately felt right. A nice genuine warm welcome and the beautiful setting in the heart of the historical old town of the hotel were a perfect start.

We were shown our room, number 1 –even I can remember that one – enjoyed the calm clean interior and as always went straight to the window to see the view. We looked at each other with happy eyes…can we live here please? Overlooking the natural harbour with a terrace big enough to organize a party and surrounded by beautiful nature. What else can you wish for? 

It was the start of the tourist season for the Bonifaciens so most of the time we had the hotel all to ourselves. The swimming pool area is amazing. Surrounded by the citadel walls of the old town it is a haven of zen and peace. While we were having breakfast near the pool we had the occasional visit of a sunbathing salamander, a curious cat and nosy, hungry seagulls. Through the shooting holes in the bay window we had a great view on the bay below. Perfect viewpoint for Mike to photograph the ferry to and from Sardegna. I guess if I would not have been there he would just have camped there during our entire stay.

Bonifacio is beautiful. The citadel with its sun-bleached buildings and cute alleyways is picture perfect. Below you have the port surrounded by the limestone cliffs, a perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset behind the yachts. Walking around the city you have numerous breathtaking viewpoints on the glistering Black Blue Green scenery below.

I like the direct friendliness of the Corsicans. What you see is what you get and in Bonifacio what we got was mostly quality. The touch of Pink during our visit was definitely the small colourful restaurant L’Archivolto in the old town. Cosy, easygoing and delicious and very welcoming in a bric-à-brac interior. Lots of veggies and yummy desserts to keep it in balance so we don’t get to healthy.

Bonifacio & Hotel Genovese: a perfect combination in a complete destination.


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