Olden. A green lake, a glacier & delicious water

On Sunday we entered the 100 km-long Nordfjord. Another beautiful morning. Next stop: Olden. Must see in this region is the Briksdalsbreen, this glacier is a well-known and accessible arm of the Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier on the European mainland. We drove past the miraculous emerald green lake of Olden. Our guide of the day was Tim from Belgium. He accompanied us to the Jostedalsbreen National Parc

A good start of the day: a double rainbow

Fascinating light conditions

The green waters of Olden

Our guide Tim

On our pleasant hike up we passed some goats and some waterfalls in the ever-present green nature. And then we reached what we wanted to see, the glacial lake of Briksdalbrevatnet. We were lucky, it was a calm day so we could enjoy all this beauty with a small crowd. As our group slowly reached the top fellow passengers started endlessly taking pictures of the glacier, and of each other. I just gladly sat on a rock and enjoyed the view. 

For those who don’t want to walk …

A huge wall of ice (even if doesn’t look that impressive on the picture)

Funny little goats

Mike was busy photographing and helping others with their photos. For a while the roles changed and much photographed Günther Neefs took over Mike’s camera to take some pictures of Mike and the glacier.

After our walk down we were spoiled with a cake buffet that could have fed a whole army. Many happy people on the bus back after this visit. Guide Tim continued with the same enthusiasm as we had experienced in Stavanger with guide Ana.  He spoke about Norway and the Nordfjord Region. We learned about Olden’s famous water (drink it, it is delicious), its many fruit farms and its milk production industry. It was good to learn about fashion brand Moods of Norway. It was founded in this area, something we didn’t know. Their slogan is to make happy clothes for happy people. Sounds good and the fact that in front of every store they put a brightly coloured tractor makes us smile at least and oh yes they do use lots of pink. Never (or almost never) a bad thing.

We still had time for a very short walk in the rain to the tiny town to buy water (Olden water, of course), discover the local Moods of Norway store and visit the local church.

The real thing, minutes away from the source

An explosion of Pink

The old wooden church was built in 1759. She has the shape of a cross in order to withstand strong winds.

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique


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