Let me tell you about our day

We started the day awakened by a beautiful sunrise. The EUROPA2 was slowly sailing towards Bordeaux, first on the river Gironde, then on the river Garonne. Surprisingly it takes more than three hours to sail the river before the ship reaches Bordeaux.

On the Gironde on our way to Bordeaux

Breakfast on our balcony

I went to the gym, did some yoga and running. Next we had breakfast in the sun on our balcony. Mike went to take some pictures on the top deck so there was even more for me to enjoy. 

The ship docked in the city centre of this city of art and history. Soon we went ashore for some sightseeing. Only a few meters from the ship we discovered the Miroir d’eau des Quais (Water Mirror) on the Place de la Bourse. We could have stayed there for ever. Perfect for the kid in me to splash around and for the photographer in Mike to take endless pictures of the reflections of the historical buildings in the water and the people (including me) having fun.

The best streets in a town are usually the smaller ones. Bordeaux’s funky shops to go to were in Rue Saint James and the surrounding streets. Close by is Place Fernand Lafargue we wished we discovered earlier as it seems (and as we were told) lots of nice and hip restaurants can be found there. As the big shopping streets were crowded with tourists, here it was relaxed. 

One of the busy shopping arteries

We prefer the small streets

We went back on board for a short visit to the EUROPA 2 spa. There are so many different saunas on board that it was hard to choose from. This time we tried the herbal and the bio sauna. Through the windows of the spa it was great to see people pass by on the quayside promenade, while we were relaxing in the herbal sauna.

In Saint Jean de Luz we bought one of the local gateaux specialities. So we still had that one waiting for us in the minibar. Each day we also receive a sweet surprise in our suite. Do you see our dilemma? We decided to eat both, accompanied by a nice cup of Nespresso.

Back ashore we went for one last stroll on the promenade before the ship was leaving. There were other ships in Bordeaux that day, so Mike was very happy to have one last photograph of the SEVEN SEAS VOYAGER.

Just married

Together with some other passengers we were invited to visit the storage areas on Deck 2. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises sure know how to pamper guests and journalists on this ship. After we were showed where the real richness (= the delicious food) is stored while enjoying a glass of Ruinart Champagne, we were invited to try some of the delicacies. Caviar anyone?

Visiting the fridges of EUROPA 2, with hotel manager Franz Neumann

Enough food you say? Never. We had dinner on the terrace of the Yacht Club enjoying the view on the vineyards along the river.

One last cup of tea in the Belvedere bar while the ship was slowly saying goodbye to the Gironde and to this day beautiful day.

Who said cruising was boring?

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