Joyful reunion in Ulvik & Eidfjord

On Saturday we were happy to approach beautiful Ulvik early in the morning. Last year we already sailed in the lovely Hardangerfjord when we attended the Conference on Sustainability Shore Excursions

The Hardanger Suspension Bridge was opened a year ago

Early morning arrival in Ulvik

When we boarded the tenders the sun came out and made us feel even more welcome. Our friend Helge from Cruise Destination Hardangerfjord was already waiting for us on the terrace of the Rica Brakanes Hotel. The idea was to follow the ship by car when she sailed to Eidfjord. Helge took us to the very best spots to photograph the ship. Mike = happy.

Happy to see Helge again

Ulvik is known as Norway’s fruit garden

While driving through town Helge talked about the different tourist initiatives in the region. One of the entrepreneurs is a Belgian guy who came to Norway years ago, fell in love with the region and decided to launch a Back to Nature program in the Norwegian woods, more precisely in Osa. After traveling the world and living in a yurt (by the way he still lives with his family in a yurt) he was ready to launch this big new adventure in Norway. I love authentic people; this man surely followed (and follows) his heart. Now he has also a hotel to accommodate guests while they get back in touch with nature in more luxurious conditions. Needless to say that Geert will surely launch many other ideas in the years to come.

A fellow Belgian entrepreneur in Ulvik

After this inspiring and surprising encounter we were back on the road to photograph the MV Voyager.


We were well on time to see the ship dock in Eidfjord. Definitely my favourite, this place is so peaceful. The Quality hotel & resort near the pier is a pleasure for the eye to match the beautiful surroundings. 

The Quality Hotel & Resort in Eidfjord faces the cruise quay

We had lunch in Vik, a cute guesthouse/restaurant with homemade food. We had to try the waffles and yes even a Belgian would have to agree that indeed they are very nice. Helge, Mike and little me enjoyed the sun on the terrace. Hard oh so hard to leave this little paradise. 

A bus with Asian tourists where being original by barbecuing next to their bus and doing a little performance for the ship passengers. Can you imagine beautiful nature, silence and than Asians singing and dancing. Those little strange things that make me (and possibly also you) smile.

Bye bye Eidfjord

Life is good!

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique

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