From Guernsey to Sark

On the first day of June we arrived in the Channel Islands. A year ago we were here too in Saint Peter Port, on a chilly and rainy day. Luckily this year a splendid sunshine welcomed us.

We visited the peaceful Candie Gardens from which we had a scenic view on the bay, the port and the EUROPA 2. The upper garden features a museum and a small bar where you can enjoy tea with scones. 

The museum has, of course, a souvenir shop

We noticed a charming medieval tower which would probably be the perfect place for some panoramic pictures. Unfortunately it was closed. However, right on time and totally by coincidence the ship’s photographer arrived with the key (you can ask the key at the Guernsey museum – located in the Candie gardens where we just came from). Obviously he came better prepared than we did. The view was absolutely stunning, offering a 360° panorama on Guernsey. 

How to get up when the door is closed?

Rescued by the ship’s photographer

When we were making our way back to the port an older lady asked me if I was visiting. When I confirmed she immediately started giving some information about the surrounding buildings. Clearly a true islander who loves her town and was happy to meet visitors. 

Revisiting the island brought back nice memories. 

Soon we were back on board because the ship had to sail to Sark for the second part of the day. The weather was perfect. Everybody wanted to eat on the Yacht Club’s sunny terrace. The attentive restaurant crew made sure that as many passengers as possible could have their lunch outdoors by finding a perfect spot for everyone.

Sark is one of these fantastic places where no cars are allowed. This creates a special atmosphere. Perfect place for disconnecting and relaxing. I don’t think I saw one person with a mobile phone. 

For a second we were facing a dilemma, should we go to town, do the cliff walk or the footpath walk. We decided to do the hike up the hill and did not regret that for a second. The path is narrow but brings you into beautiful nature and offers some amazing views. 

After that we still had time to discover the main street with its small shops, see other people enjoying a carriage ride and descend back to the harbour on the other walk.

Guernsey and Sark. We only saw a glimpse of those beautiful pristine islands. Enough to dream about coming back and do an island hopping holiday in this area. 

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