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Daily Life in Vietnam

by Véronique and Mike

16 November 2014 • A new day for us to discover Vietnam. We are in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam. We enjoy every second of life, and the scenery around us.   

Today we visit Sa Dec. First we visit the colourful Confucian pagoda Kien An Cung. It surprisingly has an open roof, so the rain can come in. The standing water brings good luck. 

For good luckMore good luck

With a majority of French passengers on board, a visit to the house of the lover of  French writer Marguerite Duras has lived, is a must. It is also here that a part of the movie ‘L’amant’ (or "The Lover") has been recorded. In 1986 it was opened for the public. Nowadays, tourists can even sleep in the house.

I always love it to visit the local markets. Also here in Sa Dec it is a very lively happening with heavily charged motorcyclists driving through the market as they were on a normal street. 

Vietnamese inventive thinkingPomeloLocal fare vs imported carrotsFresh fishThey do have waffles too here in VietnamShredded cocosI suppose this can be called full loaded Safety vests mandatory

After lunch we visit Vinh Lonh. Here we learn more about the traditional way of making bricks. Red bricks for construction and grey bricks for pillars. Unfortunately it is not a profitable business. Of the 30 people normally working there, only 10 are still at work nowadays. The make the bricks in a fire in a special kiln from rice husk from the Mekong Delta. In the same factory they also make huge pottery. Just a tiny bit too big to take home in our luggage.

Vietnamese-style lampInside the brick drying kilnBrick & pottery factory in the distanceLocal gas station

The last stop of the day is in lovely Caï Be, a small town where life is organised around the water and which is known for its fruit orchards. 

DragonfruitVietnamese vendor selling drinks on the waterTypical (car) engine configurationOn the floating market...

We learn how they make rice pop corn and rice paper, try the rice alcohol but say no to the snake alcohol (which supposedly makes you very strong) and try some of the local fruits.

Souvenir shopping

Time to go back home, our ship. It is funny after a couple of days it really becomes home. The Cambodian crew also makes such a good effort to make us feel comfortable. In the evening we dine together with other passengers at long tables and after that there is either the possibility to see a country related movie or get together with friends on board on the terrace and say goodbye to the day. You see no way it will be to chilly outside….

At the office...Going back home

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique