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Bilbao, a city that has it all

by Véronique and Mike

29 May 2014 • It’s not the first time for us in Bilbao. Last year I was here two times, the last time with Mike when we sailed with AZAMARA QUEST along the Atlantic Coast.


Once an industrial town, it is now a model city designed for enjoyable living and visiting. It all started with the building of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry. Keyword is design. With that in mind the city planners created a beautiful mix of old, new and nature and a prominent role for the river Ria and its bridges.

Bilbao has so much to offer. Surprising architecture. Small shops full of colourful clothes and modern shopping centres. Bars with pintxos (tapas) and cheap beer. Good coffee. Green, green nature. A beautiful promenade along the water. They even have (at least) one good vegetarian (and vegan) restaurant. A beautiful old town with its seven Calles (seven streets). Many parks with cute kiosks. And so much more.

You can all enjoy it without being overwhelmed by the crowds. There were three ships in port but nevertheless it was calm in the city centre.

We were only a very short moment (too short) in the city but enjoyed every second. This city and area is high on our list to visit with the car and discover at our own pace the Basque country with pearls such as San Sebastian, the natural parks and small coastal towns.

Vegetarian restaurant Garibolo

Text: Véronique

Pictures: Mike