Berlin, You are My Inspiration.

This year we decided to go to ITB Berlin, THE travel fair. We spent three days in the ‘Messe’ visiting many countries, meeting people, and listening to interesting speakers and joining workshops. We don’t regret a single bit going. But then there was also the city where the event took place: Berlin.

We heard it many times before; Berlin is amazing. Now that we saw it with our own eyes we can only agree. We totally fell in love with this metropolis. 

We arrived late in the evening and after an easy trip with excellent organized public transport we arrived in our home for our nights in Berlin; Michelberger Hotel. The hotel is hip to say the least. Our room was a duplex with our bed being placed in a football goal. No unnecessary details in this room, quite straightforward and minimalistic but offering everything needed. It felt like being a student again.

I liked the free Michelberger atlases every guest receives, two handy guides with all the fine shopping addresses and the second one with cafés and restaurants conveniently organized by the time of the day you want to drink or eat something.

The hotel offers a comfortable bar with loads of sofas and cushions and an uncountable amount of books to choose from.

Michelberger Hotel lobby

Michelberger Hotel Courtyard

Michelberger Hotel Bar

Touch of Pink in our room – Michelberger Hotel

The best thing though was the breakfast. Actually the healthiest and most original breakfast ever seen with lots of homemade goodies such as chutneys, pesto, jams, cakes… The breakfast room is bright with long wooden tables and the staff could not be friendlier. Highly recommended.

If you are a veggie lover, such as I am, you will not be disappointed as there are many options. No boring restaurant interiors here, it is a feast to discover restaurants such as Chipps and Mia Matto (also an organic supermarket). We ate in Cookies Cream. Only finding this restaurant behind the chic Westin Grand Hotel is already an adventure and makes the visit worthwhile. Most important, the food is gorgeous. Easily the best culinary experience we have had in a long time!

Mio Matto

Mio Matto supermarket

Mio Matto Take Away

Picture © Cookies Cream

We had fun strolling through neighbourhoods. I cannot imagine ever being bored in this city. Also people were incredible nice and welcoming everywhere we went. 

Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in the distance

Berliner Dom meets construction meets graffiti

Hello Fernsehturm there you are again…

Mike at the open-air exhibit chronicling Cold War History

One of the remaining walls

iAmbassador (an organisation that organises the collaboration between travel bloggers and the tourism industry) held a blogger get-together in the new 25H Hotel Bikini Berlin. They could not have picked a better place. The hotel just recently opened and was already fully booked. We were happy to join one of the hotel visits. This must be one of the most fun hotels I have ever seen. It is all in the details. For example every guest in the larger rooms has a design bike at their disposal in their room. But every guest can rent for free a Mini or a bike. And did I mention the hotel looks out over the Berliner Zoo. There are binoculars hanging ready to spot the monkeys, flamingos and other nice friends right below you. We did not sleep in this hotel this time but without any doubt we will one day. We did go to their Monkey bar, which also has a view on the zoo, and we sat there forever enjoying the view, drinks and tapas.

On our last evening we went to Kreuzberg, the upcoming neighbourhood with cool bars and restaurants. We chose a wine bar because for us wine is always a good idea and now we can say Germany is not only a beer country but also a wine country. We enjoyed our time in Otto Weinbar where the friendly staff let us taste the wine so we could decide which one we liked best. We received a full presentation about the wines we tasted.

We cannot say that we visited Berlin; at most we were inspired…a lot. 

A Currywurst museum and a Currywurst car


Berlin let’s meet again soon.

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