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Åndalsnes for her, Trollstigen for him

by Véronique and Mike

26 September 2014 ÔÇó Tuesday. Another sunny beautiful day. I know I use a lot the word beautiful but I cannot describe differently how happy and lucky we were to enjoy such weather in Norway for more than one week.

After a short stop in Molde, the ship sailed direction Åndalsnes. I could not get enough of the landscape. White clouds, blue sky and green green nature with occasionally a red wooden house for that extra touch of prettiness.  This is Norway in the best conditions. 

Around noon we arrived in Åndalsnes. While Mike went of to discover the Trollstigenberg, I waited the crowd to leave the ship before going ashore. 

The town is pretty small so after doing the same streets for a while I wanted to see if there were some hikes I could do with the limited time I had. The lady in the information office obviously had big plans with me as she immediately suggested doing a long hike. I don’t think Mike would have been very pleased if I was stuck somewhere in Norwegian woods, so I decided to do a hike but one of the shorter ones. 

I crossed the bridge, saw a super cutie place for coffee, Sødahl-Huset. I reckoned I had time for a stop but after ordering I realized I did not bring my wallet. I know I should be a seasoned traveller well that does not make me less flibbertigibbet (no I did not know this word before I had to look it up). 

Well more time for hiking then. Here in Åndalsne you will find clear signs and good information about the hikes. The Romsdalen valley has some beautiful hiking opportunities. I was already happy with my short experience with nice views on the town and the Romsdalsfjord.

Shelters are providedYou can find those yellow benches all over town

When I walked back down to town and strolled in the streets I tried to imagine how it was to live in these lovely white painted wooden houses. Nature decided it was time for yet one other rainbow. 

Once back aboard Mike told me enthusiastically about his visit to Trollstigen. One more place to come back to one day?

Trollstigen means Troll's path, and it is reassuring to know that Norwegian bus drivers are the best in the worldOnce up the scenery is of a breathtaking beautyThe Trollstigen Visitor Centre has been designed by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, and is perfectly integrated in the landscapeA last picture, before boarding our ship again. Tomorrow: Geirangerfjord.

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike & Véronique