A peaceful day in Normandy

Family. In February the whole family visited the Normandy coast. It was my dad’s dream to visit the beaches where the Invasion of Normandy took place in 1944. It was a great experience to make this trip with my parents and my brother and his family. The kids were very interested in the history and we alternated the museum visits with playing soccer on the sunny beaches, strolling in Honfleur and eating (too much) of the delicious French specialties. We all felt blessed to share this moment together. My brother found a small typical Normandy hotel, situated in the beautiful green countryside near Honfleur. Perfect to go with your family, to relax and to eat as (French) kings in their restaurant.

My dad wrote a small story about how he lived the trip and I wanted to share it with you. I think it is beautiful. 



Omaha Beach 

70 years old and a dream came through, thanks to my great kids.

The whole family visited the Normandy beaches where courageous men and women offered their lives during the operation Overlord in a tremendous effort to end the most terrible nightmare: World War 2.

Omaha Beach. I love the majestic bay, sand inviting to stroll barefooted to the bleu green sea, offering its splendid spectacle under the brilliant sunshine.

Yes even the sun was present and Maxim and Sienna played soccer and were smiling. We all enjoyed this fantastic spectacle. And felt happy.

But looking at the cliffs we discovered a huge American flag and thousands of white crosses lined up in a military discipline. I was overwhelmed, what a mess, so many young valuable people, coming from all over the world to save the world and die. I felt very sad and speechless, closed my eyes. Felt unhappy, the sea turned black. Sienna was shouting, Maxim had scored and she did not like that.

I smiled, opened the eyes and turned my head to look at this peaceful image. Mamy looked at me and I knew that she could read my thoughts “God wherever you are let these kids never experience such a nightmare”.

Omaha you are beautiful.

Guido Schaillée

Normandy American Cemetary

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