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A lucky day at Skageflå, Geirangerfjord

by Mike

Bolsøy is a cute car ferry sailing on one of the most scenic routes in the world

6 March 2013 • One of the iconic places I had on my dream list was the Geirangerfjord in Norway.

What I wanted to achieve was the perfect picture of the Seven Sisters waterfall, with a ship in front. I was pretty sure some of my media customers would be interested in such pictures.

I found out that the old Skageflå fjord farm was THE place to be. The best way to get there was the sightseeing boat m/s Geirangerfjord which offers a one-way ticket for a drop off under the farm.

First I had to join the fjord excursion, which eventually gave me the occasion to take some nice pictures of a small ferry and an old cruise ship, which were dwarfed by the mighty mountains.

Thomson Spirit, a former Holland America ship

After making a U-turn my heart was beating faster as we approached the landing spot. There was not even a pier, and the boat just approached a piece of rock bow first, and I just had to jump. When looking up I could hardly see the path. I could only see it was steep.

The weather was poor. It had rained and the whole path was slippery. On same places steel cables were fixed in the rocks in order to help you to climb safely. Sometimes I did not dare to watch down. When I finally reached the farm it started to rain again. I found a shelter and started to have my backpacker’s lunch.

The old Skageflå farm, and the Seven Sisters on the other sideFunny to see the speedboats without hearing them

I knew one of the ships was going to leave the village of Geiranger at 15:00. The problem at Skageflå is that you can’t see anything coming from the village. The view is totally obstructed by the mountain. I positioned myself on a place which I thought would give me an optimal view, and 15 minutes later I decided to go down a little. That was the best decision I’ve taken. Suddenly the sun was miraculously out and yes, just through some trees I could see the small cruise ship making her way.

Hapag Lloyd Cruises' Columbus 2, the ship I had been waiting for

Then something unexpected happened: as the vessel slowly approached the Seven Sisters waterfall, one of the Hurtigruten ships made a surprise appearance, and took over the orange-funnelled vessel. At that very moment the sunlight was at its best, filling this photographer’s heart with a tremendous joy.

The lucky shot

After the perfect photoshoot I had to go back to Geiranger. Therefore I needed to climb even more, before taking the path down. As I was enjoying the view of a small waterfall something terrible happened. One of the straps of my backpack broke. As result my camera fell down. Luckily it was still wrapped in my coat, which softened the “landing”. Immediately I thought about the huge costs of this accident. Miracle: except for a little scratch nothing was broken.

This was definitely my lucky day.