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A hazy day in Heimaey

by Véronique and Mike

26 July 2013 • Last stop on our cruise with Le Soléal was Heimaey, the only inhabited island of the Vestmannaeyjar, or Westman Islands.

As always I was standing outside on the deck when we arrived. I couldn’t see anything as there was a thick fog hanging over the water. Suddenly a dark shade rose in front of me, together with a hellish twittering and a quite distinctive smell. Welcome to Heimaey, a quiet fishermen island, with less than 5,000 inhabitants and around 8,000 puffins in summer time. The latter were the ones we wanted to meet on our excursion; the fog did not facilitate our encounter. Guide and captain was an enthusiast Viking, who ended our trip through fog paradise with a saxophone concert in a cave.

Back ashore the challenge was to find a place to chill for a while, before continuing our journey. We found our heaven in Slippurinn. You can find little gems everywhere in the world. We were happy we found one that day in Heimaey.