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A Good Night in Jail

by Mike

14 December 2014If you hear the name Winchester, do you think cathedral or shotgun? For me it meant one night in a Winchester cell.

One month ago I decided to stay overnight in Winchester instead of Southampton, my ultimate destination. The purpose of the visit was to dine with some friends who live there. Winchester is located along the M3 motorway. Not only is it not a detour, it also offers far nicer hotels than in Southampton. And the historic center is very pretty.

I ended up in a new hotel. At the reception Claire told me that The Black Hole hotel was only open since a couple of weeks. It was a local entrepreneur who started the hotel just next to the restaurant with the morbid name “The Black Rat”. 

The Black Hole Hotel on the left; The Black Rat Restaurant on the right

Much to my surprise she didn’t give me the key of my room, but of my cell. 

This hotel has the prison as a theme. Do not worry, it's a very comfortable, normal hotel, with everything you need. I didn't dine in The Black Rat Restaurant, but from what I heard it has an excellent reputation. 

My not-so-bad-looking cellThe haunted book as nightstandThe hotel is heated by the iconic AGA stove in the kitchen , the same on which your breakfast eggs will be cookedThe breakfast roomWinchester will always be linked to King Artur and the knights of the Round Table . In the breakfast room you can find some illustrations.The hotel has a lovely little roof terrace with a great view towards the city centerOld WinchesterFor me the most exciting was the very attractive running path on nearby shores of the River Itchen, where I had a great run to start off my day before continuing my journey to Southampton

Text & photos: Mike