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6 days in Switzerland. First stop Montreux.

by Véronique and Mike

14 August 2014 • My parents gave us a Brussels Airlines bgift ticket for Christmas. As destination we chose Switzerland. Nature was on our minds and I wanted to see my friends Thomas and Barbara, who I hadn’t seen for years.

Booking flight tickets was easy but when the departure date was approaching - and (I hate to admit) this is not the first time - nothing was organized. It is extremely hard for me to plan beforehand as I’m used to travel for longer periods without any specific plans.

Finally the plan was to travel straight from the airport of Geneva to Montreux, stay one night there, travel to Interlaken for two nights, two nights in Luzern, see my friends and then spend one last day near Geneva before flying back. Busy program – I know. 

Switzerland has an amazing train system. But to know which deals to combine in order to have the cheapest solution I was happy to receive some advice by the friendly travel consultant we consulted in the train station. No effort was spared to plan together with us our perfect journey. We found traveling by train in Switzerland marvellous, nice trains, perfectly on time and organized, and you have time to look outside to the beautiful scenery. That’s why we were here, to be in nature, right?


We took the train to Veytaux near the fairytale fortress of Chillon. The cute little train station was located only 10 minutes from our hotel. Hotel Masson is the oldest historic hotel in the Montreux region and it breathes history. You literally step back in time when you set foot in this beautiful hotel. No wonder this hotel is listed on the Swiss Heritage list of the country’s most beautiful hotels. After the warm welcome we discovered our room with a beautiful view on the Geneva Lake. The floor cracked with every step we made but that just added to the charm. 

A Touch of Pink in the bathroomThe view from our roomArt @ the waterfront in Montreux

We walked to the Chillon Castle for some pictures and then strolled direction Montreux. The best thing of this 13th century fortress is its location on the lake. The promenade is pretty next to the water decorated with all sorts of colourful flowers. We were happy to discover that one clever lady had the idea to put a chalet near the promenade where she sold drinks and snacks and offered loungers and chairs for the walkers. We loved this quiet strip on the promenade. When we approached Montreux it all became far more touristic and crowded. But still we enjoyed the beautiful weather and being near the water. 

Grand Hotel still looking goodLots of platforms at the waterfront to relaxAnd enjoy this view

Next day after putting our luggage in the locker in the train station we discovered a bit more of Montreux and had a quick lunch before getting on board our classic Belle Epoque panorama train with destination Interlaken. We loved our old train with big windows but mostly we were impressed by the nature outside. There was one young guy sitting in our wagon with headphones staring at his computer screen the whole time. Hard to understand certain people…

The train station is located in the city centre and near the waterfrontLessons how to pose by professionalsInside the Belle Epoque train wagonTrain window with a view

Next stop: Interlaken

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike