28°C, this must be Ireland

The weather was exceptional, not to say tropical. We dropped anchor in the Bay of Galway after our scenic cruise along the Cliffs of Moher. Sailing yachts and jet skis greeted us, and later on two Irish Navy ships dropped anchor nearby. The evening felt like being on our own yacht, somewhere in the Med.

Next day, we were a bit suspicious when we approached the town. The tender headed for a bunch of silos, and the landing was done in an arid part of the small industrial port. Our first impression was causing disappointment; understandable after the beautiful landscapes we had already seen. As we continued our promenade trough the hot city we slowly started to isolate and frame the interesting spots or to notice intriguing details. Galway was not easy to digest but once we got started we enjoyed. Parks, lawns and terraces were full of people enjoying the amazing summer weather. 


The day after we arrived in Killybegs, definitely a place playing in another league. Like a fleet of warships, a task force of modern fishing vessels was lined up in a clean and tidy harbour surrounded by green hills. Having a full pint of cider with this tropical heat was perhaps not the best of ideas but it was just something we needed to do. We said to ourselves: “This is Ireland and we want to taste its different flavours.”


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