What is coming down from heaven?

And suddenly all passengers where off to the stern deck and started to take pictures of that noisy thing hovering above the ship.

As written in an earlier blogpost I’ve always had a fascination for helicopters at sea. My passion started when I did my military service at the SAR (Search and Rescue) Base in Koksijde, Belgian Air Force. At that time the 40th Squadron was equipped with five Seakings and I can still recognize one with my eyes closed.

One of the Belgian Seakings doing a flypast over the sail training vessel TOVARISCH.

When doing a part of the Hurtigruten journey last year, on board POLARLYS, my heart was filled with juvenile joy when the Captain announced that a Seaking helicopter was going to do an exercise on the aft deck. A white Seaking in a white landscape… a delightful sight.

Sometimes I am myself in the helicopter to take the photos. If I am not, and am working on board instead it is funny to meet other colleagues who do the aerials.

Bernard Biger from STX France taking pics of the MSC FANTASIA

Michel Verdure is the French, Miami-based photographer doing a lot of work for the big companies. Here he is shooting the ALLURE OF THE SEAS.

Sometimes helicopter excursions are offered (read: $$$) to the passengers. If there’s one you should not miss it is the helicopter landing on a glacier in Alaska.

Even in Barcelona you can book a flight over the city. The helicopter base is just at the beginning of the main cruise terminal. Easy breezy.

Seen from the NORWEGIAN GEM

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