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Can I be part of the crew?

by Véronique and Mike

12 April 2013 • It has been weeks now that we are back in (while I write this) rainy Belgium and I still miss my home for a week on the Caribbean Sea. Travelling on the Star Clipper is different than on other cruise ships because this ship actually sails.

Every day when the ship sets sail on the tones of ‘Conquest of Paradise’ by Vangelis I became silent and fully enjoyed the moment together with Mike and other passengers who gathered peacefully on the deck. Other precious moments were: chilling on the nets in the bowsprit, chatting, watching and photographing the sunset, dancing on deck, softly caressed by the Caribbean sun, climbing the mast and oh jay staying there for over an hour, so I could take great pictures of once again a beautiful sunset.

What made this trip so special was not only getting to know the other passengers from everywhere in the world, lots of sailors and people passionate about life and travelling in general but also chatting with the international crew (mostly from Sweden, India, Russia and Indonesia) gave this voyage a special dimension. What is it that makes Indonesians smile all day long I sometimes wonder?

Star Clipper Captain Sergey is an interesting personality, multitalented to say at least, tai chi, kung fu, singing, playing the guitar he does it all and oh yes he sails the ship too sometimes. Did I mention I had the best sleep in years in my cabin being comfortably cradled by the ship?

The ship is now sailing in Europe and I wish I was still on board, getting up at 5.45 to live the sunrise on the silent deck, going to breakfast whenever we were ready, chatting with new friends in the bar, daydreaming watching the sea, always on the lookout for dolphins, going ashore visiting colourful islands…

I actually considered applying for a job with Star Clipper, to stay on board. 



Pictures by Mike & Véronique