Midnight. Sailing Time!

Midnight. Time for EUROPA 2 to leave Bilbao. Captain Ulf Wolter invited us to join him on the bridge during departure.

Captain Ulf Wolter (right) and Chief Officer Aleksandar Sokacic on the bridge wing.

No lights on the bridge, only the instrument panels illuminate the room with their knowledge. The mooring ropes are released and off we go. The Bilbao pilot is on board and guides the captain. The ship glides silently through the water.

At the lighthouse a small bunch of people gathered despite the bad weather and the late hour to see the cruise ships leave. Shortly after us the huge INDEPENDECE OF THE SEAS will sail too. 

INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS is ready to go too, shortly after us.

Off goes the pilot.

Soon we’ll be in the Bay of Biscay again.

Good night, good sailing.

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