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Leaving Belgium on a sunny funny day

by Véronique and Mike

18 September 2014 • Ah how perfect it was. Leaving our own country and Mike’s birth town by ship under a glorious sun. We took the tram and the train from Ghent to Ostend. The ship was literally berthed next to the train station. Easy breezy. Ready for a cruise to Norway, one of our favourite countries. 

All on board. Belgian singer Gunther Neefs is one of the artists on this cruise.The luggage is carefully loaded on the shipCaroline, program maker Focus WTV always working...The Filipino crew assisting the passengers during the lifeboat drill

As I said sun was shining and people were enjoying it at the fullest. There was a small crowd on the pier, waving goodbye to our ship when we elegantly sailed away from the Belgian Coast. 

When a ship leaves from Ostend, this band is there to sing it goodbye

When at lunch I heard somebody ask the Filipino waiter “Is ter gèn soep” (West Flemish for Is there soup) I realized that indeed we where on a ship with almost only Belgian passengers. The waiter did not even blink and pointed the man where he could find the soup. We enjoyed our first lunch on the terrace deck at the stern. The animation team was clearly motivated and we saw many many smiling faces. Even better for Mike to photograph all those happy people. As for me I was enjoying the sun and the fact of being on the water again.

The Belgian pilot leaves usAs our ship heads north we pass the Belgian windmills on the Thornton Bank

After one sea day with less perfect weather but very interesting new insights on healthy food and learning Pilates we were totally ready for Norway. 

Hilde Demurie - health consultantElise - Pilates teacher & osteopathNo chance to be hungry this weekSurprise of the night : young talent @ workGunther Neefs @ work

Text: Véronique

Photos: Mike (and a touch of Véronique)