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A one-day photoshoot on VIKING STAR and longing for more

by Mike

4 June 2015 • VIKING STAR, love at first sight. That’s what I felt when I embarked VIKING STAR in Warnemünde. It was also meant to be the title of this blogpost. Until I found out that others used the same phrasing.

What makes her so attractive?

VIKING STAR is not only a new ship, it is the first new ship from a series of three units for the new brand Viking Ocean Cruises, founded by a Norwegian, Mr Torstein Hagen. He is a quite iconic person in the cruise industry, and after his successes with Viking River Cruises he decided to launch a new ocean brand, mainly aimed at the North-American market.

Which means it was some kind of hard for me to get on board, as a European. Until the moment that I got an assignment for Dauerflora, a Hamburg-based company specialised in greening design. Barbara Bressem, managing partner, is a good friend since almost twenty years and I was delighted when she said we got the green light to spend a day on that ship which had been the talk of the town since a couple of weeks.

It is actually the first time I entered a ship with my camerabag, a tripod, and… two big glass vases. (A late order).

My immediate reaction was simple: wow! 

Warnemünde, near Rostock, is described in the cruise brochures as the “port of Berlin”. That’s a bit silly because Berlin is 240km away. The nice thing for me was that most passengers wanted to see Berlin. In short: the ship was virtually empty. Ideal for interior photography.

During the day I discovered the magnificent design of the ship. Although not revolutionary, everything was so well balanced. It sprung in my mind that “most of my friends would love this kind of Scandinavian design.”

Scandinavian design, or better: Danish design. And still, the creativity comes from a US-based architect and interior design firm, Rottet Studio. Apparently it was their first ship, and they got help from a well-known passenger ship design company in London, SMC Design.

Wintergarden.One of the many Dauerflora decorative elements.

The atrium looks like a modern grand hotel, with a staircase ending up on a huge videowall which alternatingly shows photos of the Norwegian nature: mountains, ice, water etc…   

Let’s have a walk around the ship.

One of the salons in the lobby.Shopping gallery.Staircase.Main dining room.Buffet restaurant.World Café.Explorers' lounge.A fire place facing the spa pool, what a great idea.Nice seating corners with space, lots of space.The swimming pool, now with an open roof.It is the first time I see fitness equipment on the open decks.The infinity pool.

Now, can you understand my positive frustration? I could easily have stayed one or two weeks, just to catch the beauty of this ship. There are so many design details waiting for me to be photographed… Who knows one day, on one of the next ships? 

Photos and text: Mike

With many thanks to frau Barbara Bressem, Dauerflora for making this photoshoot possible.